Holiday On Ice – (Head of Sound)

I have been with Holiday On Ice since 2014, starting as a Sound Technician in my first tour, working my way up to Lead Engineer and being solely responsible for the project editing, programming, mixing and also the physical build and implementation of creative ideas for show purposes (and sync to LX and VX). As […]

“A Touch Of Frost” – TV Temporary Track (2011)

Made for another element of the Sound and Music to Image module in a Music Production M.A. The brief in this assignment was to use any music to create the appropriate emotional narrative for the scene. The video was provided by ITV studios (local to Leeds) with dialogue tracks, SFX, foley and ambiences. There was […]

TV Series – Broadcast Audio Dialogue Mixing (2021)

This is one minute clip was provided by a French dubbing company as part of their application testing process. The test was in the form of a Pro Tools project with a number issues to resolve and balance. This was approved by the company a few weeks ago and I have now completed real works […]

“Waking Life” Film Sound Design (2011)

This was a university project for the Sound and Music to Image module of a Master of Arts in Music Production studied at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK. With it’s philosophical subjects and trace animation style, Waking Life is one of my favourite films. The original soundtrack to this film is great, I would […]

“Merrick” Film Sound Design (2021)

This was done as part of a test to join the roster of freelance mix engineers and sound designers at a dubbing company. This video was received without audio and have not seen the original film, only the trailer for an idea on the tone and the narrative. All ambiences, SFX and foley were recorded […]