“Merrick” Film Sound Design (2021)

Original rights reserved: “MERRICK” (2018) by Benjamin Diouris

This was done as part of a test to join the roster of freelance mix engineers and sound designers at a dubbing company. This video was received without audio and have not seen the original film, only the trailer for an idea on the tone and the narrative.

All ambiences, SFX and foley were recorded with the RøDE VideoMic utilising the Sony A6300’s lossless compression for maximum quality while on location.

All editing, sync and mixing was done in Pro Tools 2020 and a variety of Waves, Air and Slate plug-ins.

The musical elements were written in Logic X, using a midi keyboard to play both native and third party synthesizers and sampler instruments. This was then imported back into the Pro Tools session for the final mix with SFX, foley and ambiences.