Audio Editing

The process of cutting and rearranging recorded audio to create a new natural sounding narrative structure that is free of digital artifacts after editing.

It is often easy to underestimate the power of sound if you do not have the trained ear to know what you’re listening for, but badly edited audio not only sounds unnatural, but can also quite easily be very harmful to your equipment and ears.

If you are taking your audio to the next level and playing to large audiences on a high quality system(s) you should consider the importance of getting this part of your production correct.

Whether its:

  • Music for Dance and Performing Arts Shows
  • Dialogue for Voice Artists, Podcasters and Dubbing Houses
  • Sound Effects for Production Houses and Sample Libraries
  • Narrative Sync for Filmmakers Marketing Media

There are a number of issues that can occur when editing audio, these are mainly.

  • Clicks, Pops and Distortion
  • Phase Amplification, Cancellation and Modulation
  • Incorrect File Conversion / Compression (Reduction In Quality)
  • Introduction of Unnatural Artificial Elements and Effects

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