“Waking Life” Film Sound Design (2011)

Original rights reserved: “Waking Life” by Foxlight Pictures

This was a university project for the Sound and Music to Image module of a Master of Arts in Music Production studied at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK.

With it’s philosophical subjects and trace animation style, Waking Life is one of my favourite films. The original soundtrack to this film is great, I would highly recommend a watch. However, all audio was removed from the video excerpt before starting.

The project was made using Logic 9 native instruments and sampler instruments and plug-ins to score, edit, arrange and mix all sounds sequences and FX in the video.

Ambiences, SFX and foley were recorded using a Tascam field recorder and NTG2 Shotgun Mic (available at the university resource centre).

The emphasis on this piece was to demonstrate an understanding of film sound conventions in the narrative context (non-diagetic / diagetic / hyper reality / transitional / location / time / emotional atomosphere)