Assembly Festival at Edinburgh Fringe (2017)

Working as part of the incredibly driven senior management team at Assembly festival to facilitate 200+ visiting companies into over 25 temporary venues around the city, with more than 60 technicians, and 500,000 visitors per season. As far as events go, the Edinburgh Fringe is renowned worldwide for being the platform for up-and-coming performers to showcase their talents. It spans the whole city of edinburgh with more than 350 temporary venues made to facilitate the event. Assembly festival are one of the biggest players in the fringe festival and their motto of “teamwork makes the dreamwork” really is integral to the success of their already huge and ever growing foothold in the cultural event. As a long-running organisation, they are very well organised and keep a well oiled ship. The scale of this operation is really quite impressive (as is the scheduling) and it was a great pleasure for me to be a part of the magic for a few years.